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Video Conferencing Solutions

Page history last edited by Casey Riley 13 years, 7 months ago

Looking for cheap to free video and screen sharing solutions.


The following were suggested as options via twitter.  If you have direct experience with one of these solutions please comment below and put your name at the front of your comment.



  • (JasonP) Tried using this for a CITRT podcast last year and it failed big time. Perhaps/hopefully it's improved since then.
  • (JasonP) Tried the FREE version again 5/15/09 to do an EqualLogic presentation for a church. Screensharing worked very well. I'll def use it again for small group presentations since you can't beat FREE :-)





Microsoft Live Meeting

  • (dhannifin) On-premise (OCS)
    • Up to 250 participants per meeting
    • No per meeting cost after initial infrastructure cost
    • No cals or internet connector required for external participants that are not part of your org
    • A lot more features than just live meeting. Full UC product and PBX replacement.
    • IM included
    • Not sure of cost for churches. Definitely more than "free".
    • Requires deploying infrastructure (servers).
    • Can use Round Table (Now sold by PolyCom) video conference cameras.
    • HD Video Conf Support
  • Hosted
    • Up to thousands of users
    • Not sure if there is charity pricing for churches?


Microsoft Shared View

  • Free (Beta)
  • 15 Participant Limit
  • No Video


Adobe ConnectNow

  • (crriley) I just used ConnectNow for a presenter who couldn't make it to the church on time for their presentation last week.
    • It's free for up to 3 users
    • There is no installation needed it runs straight from the browser (as long as you have all the plugins needed)












Comments (4)

mikegold said

at 9:48 pm on May 12, 2009

DimDim has so much promise...I just don't know that they are ready for the big leagues. We have some 1000 member events coming up and DimDim sales is flinching a little saying that they are not sure they can handle the load.

Alan Mellor said

at 4:54 am on May 13, 2009

Hi - a plug for www.yuuguu.com.

I'm both a full-time professional developer at Yuuguu, and a part-time volunteer media minister in the UK, both a worship musician and video producer. Which makes me sound grander than I am, but just so you know my interests. The really brave or keen can see some of the Christian news reporting I do at www.hopenews.co.uk eg http://www.hopenews.co.uk/hope/play.aspx?id=7

Although it won't yet solve your 1000+ problem, I suggest Yuuguu is worth a look into in this list.

Yuuguu combines :
- screen sharing and remote control across PC, Mac, Linux and the web
- multi-protocol IM group chat with instant messages: GTalk, MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo supported
- optional low-cost telephone conferencing.

You can set up a web conference with one click. Viewers can join using just a Browser (IE, FireFox, Safari and others) with Flash installed. You give viewers a URL and a PIN code.

Anybody wanting to share their screen as part of the conference downloads a small client application. Viewers can participate in the group chat, telephone calls

We develop Yuuguu from home based offices, using Yuuguu itself to form a remote team of programmers, marketers, management and web designers.

It is 'freemium' software, so there is a free version with some limits, and a paid-for version with extra bells and whistles and no limits. The free one stays free, and is very usable. I'd encourage you to take a look.

It won't yet solve your 1000+ in a single conference problem. It is limited currently to group sizes of 30. But given its ease of use, ease of install and genuine zero cost, it is very useful for church media teams.

Hope this helps -
Al. M.


Alan Mellor said

at 5:01 am on May 13, 2009

> Viewers can participate in the group chat, telephone calls
... as well as see the shared screen, and request control of the keyboard and mouse to make live changes.

Jeff Suever said

at 6:07 am on May 17, 2009

Free version of YuuGuu only supports 5 people at a time. Paid version will do up to 30 @ $15/mo.

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