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Stuff For Sale or Trade

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This is nothing fancy ... but you can list stuff you have for sale/trade below.


In Touch Ministries, Atlanta, GA

Contact: Josh Vaughters - josh dot vaughters at intouch dot org



1 - Cisco PIX501 Firewall (never used) - $50 OBO
1 - Cisco PIX501 Firewall (used) - $30 OBO
2 - Cisco PIX515e Firewalls (both used) - $100 OBO
5 - Cisco Catalyst 3560 Switches (48 port 10/100MB with dual GBIC ports) - $150 OBO



Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, Marietta, GA

Contact: Derek Schwab - derek.schwab@jfbc.org


1 - Watchguard x700 Core firewall - $150 OBO

1 - Sonicwall Pro 3060 firewall - $250 OBO

4 - Cisco 2600XM router - $150 each OBO

2 - Cisco WIC-1T Serial WAN Interface Card - $20 each OBO

11 - Cisco WIC-1T-T1 V2  T1 CSU/DSU WAN Interface Card - $100 each OBO

1 - Cisci VWIC2-MFT-T1   2 Port T1 multiflex trunk card - $350 OBO

2 - Cisco 2821 router - $1000 each OBO

1 - Cisco 2811 router - $500 OBO

1 - Storecase S10H108 RAID Chassis with 12 400GB SATA discs, u320 SCSI uplink - $500 OBO

1 - HP DL380G2 2U Server - Dual 1.4GHz Xeon, 2.25GB RAM, 6 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives - $100 OBO

1 - HP DL360G4 1U Server - Single 3.4GHz Xeon, 1GB RAM, 2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives - $75 OBO

1 - HP DL360G4p 1U Server - Single 3.0GHz Xeon, 2GB RAM, 2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives -$75 OBO

1 - HP DL360G3 1U Server - Single 2.4GHz Xeon, 1.5GB RAM, 2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives - $50 OBO

1 - HP DL360G3 1U Server - Single 3.2GHz Xeon, 1GB RAM, 2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives - $50 OBO

1 - HP DL360G3 1U Server - Single 3.06GHz Xeon, 1GB RAM, 2 x 72GB 10k SCSI Drives - $50 OBO


Other stuff coming soon once I finish going through it all



Seacoast Church, Mount Pleasant, SC

Contact: Trace Pupke - tracepupke at seacoast dot org


Dell PowerConnect 6248 2
Dell  PowerConnect 6224 f 1
Dell  PowerConnect 6224 2
Dell  PowerConnect eps 470 3
Dell  PowerConnect rps 600 2
Dell  PowerEdge 750 1
Dell  PowerEdge 2650 4


We have multiple stacking modules and cables, and SX fiber GBICs for the Dell switches.


We also have some various 3com 4400 and 4500 switches, stacking kits and other parts.


New Covenant Bible Church, Cedar Rapids, IA

Contact: Austin Spooner- austin.spooner@newcovenantbible.org   


1- HP MSM710 Wireless Controller - Contact us for pricing - we can work something out. 6 months old.



Northview Church, Carmel, IN

Contact: Megan Murphy - megan.murphy at northviewchurch dot us


1 - Compaq 42U Server Rack - Model 7142 NS - $300 OBO

12 - Zebra LP2844 Thermal Label Desktop Printer - $200 each OBO - These printers work with Shelby checkin. These are used printers and have been on the shelf for awhile, but were in good working condition when put on the shelf. Have all the original boxes and labels.

2 - Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall - Model FVS318 - I still in box, never opened - $100 - 1 used - $50.


WANTED - 1 - Zebra LP2844-Z



Glad Tidings A/G Church, Reading PA

Contact: Bill Sheeler - billsheeler at gtaog dot org


I'm looking to sell the below items or trade them.  We have upgraded to SonicWall & SonicPoint WiFi and do not need these items.

The items are as follows:


8 - Linksys / Cisco MGBSX1 Gigabit Ethernet SX Mini-GBIC SFP Tranceivers (LC Connectors) Like New $50@ OBO

1 - Juniper Netscreen 5GT Firewall $100 OBO



I've priced things now..  I'm looking to recoup some of our costs of our upgrades and help a fellow CITRT'rs out at the same time.

Make an offer and we will see what we can do.






Heartland Church, Blue Springs, MO

Contact; Bradley Miller - bradley.w.miller at gmail.com

Wanted:  Video mixer - 4 channel

Looking for a way to do video on the fly.  We have acess to some camera equipment (consumer grade)  and would like to experiment with doing multi-camera/source video on the fly.  I've done some research and at least a 4-channel A/V mixer of any era would probably be a good start.  If you've upgraded or have source for something, please let me know.


Web-Empowered Church

Contact: Mark Stephensom - Mark(at)WebEmpoweredChurch.org

I am an owner of a rural broadband wireless internet company in Ohio called Country Connections. If you need a high-speed wireless ethernet connection between two or more locations and want some assistance then please feel free to contact me. Hopefully I can help save you some money and some frustration. It would be fun to help use this technology on a mission field somewhere too.



Northwoods Community Church (Peoria, IL) 1/11/11

Contact: Jason Lee jason (dot) lee (at) nwoods (dot) org

QTY 4 - 1 Yr old Elo Touch Screeen 17 inch monitors. ET1715L-AUWA-1-GY-G $450 OBO each

They are a diffrent model than the rest that we have and require a second video driver installed in the XPe Thin client.  Great working condition only used on weekends look like new, just don't want to deal with two different drivers.

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Brooks Maxwell said

at 2:35 pm on Apr 4, 2011

Needed: A phone tree box that will work with Shelby. We are in need of one for our church and school. Please email me at bmaxwell@northsideknights.net or call me at 334.794.7273 ext.116.

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