hosting a regional event FAQ

So you want to host a regional CITRT style event eh? :-)


This doc will serve as a helpful guide for those wanting to host their own regional/local CITRT event.  Nothing is written in stone, but here are things we've done in the past that have worked well.



The event itself looks something like this:

Evening before - optional meet-n-greet dinner and hang time (xbox/wii gaming?)

Day of - 8:30 registration.  9:00 kickoff. Lunch. 5:00 roundtable ends.  6:00 optional dinner.



We've found $35 works great for a 1 day event.  Starting 2011 we'll being using centralized registration for all sites.  We want to make it inexpensive, but cover all your expenses (food, room, mailers, photocopies, snacks, etc)...try to engage local vendors to offset costs (especially vendors not familiar with CITRT).  Checks will be mailed to host sites at a determined date prior to the event.



CITRT leadership will promote from our venues (TheCITY, twitter, facebook, etc), but you'll need to find ways to reach IT peeps in your area not familiar with CITRT.  Mailers, personal phone calls, whatever you can do to reach out .. do it!




The Day


The Moderator's Job


Door Prizes


Post Event

Email everyone and thank them for attending ... again promote and encourage them to connect with other peeps on theCITY.

Send CITRT leaders a copy of your attendance and pictures ... we'll add it to the database.