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CITRT Backup Practices

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Current backup solutions and goals.  Feel free to throw your CITRT username, real name, or church name in here along with non-sensitive backup details.

The goal of this page is to learn from each other's experiences, and possibly help point out where things could improve (especially when free or inexpensive solutions are available)!


Check out the Backup page for details on the various types of backups, ballpark pricing, and how to implement successful backup policies.


Fellow CITRT practices




SQL Server's built-in backup features with scripts to 7-zip them and robocopy them to a server in another room nightly.

Fileserver is prayed over while we are pursuing an offsite backup solution.

Exchange server and domain controller are backed up using Backup Exec.

VM's are not backed up.


Expand SAN and virtualize all servers except the Domain Controller.

Use Veeam Backup or similar utility to backupall VM's with file-level restores.

Send all Veeam Backups to a SAN downtown over a T1 point-to-point during the evening and early morning hours.

Use Backup Exec (or something that works for us) to backup the physical servers to the same SAN downtown.

Continue SQL server backups, but backup to the SAN downtown instead.

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