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biggest loser

Page history last edited by Jason Powell 13 years, 8 months ago

Church Techies Biggest Loser #6


It time for another round! Would you believe to date participants have lost a combined weight of over 1600 pounds!  Wow!


Any church IT, Web, AV, Tech/Production Arts staff (full, part-time, or volunteer role).  Church ChMS peeps and other Church tech consultants are encouraged to join as well.

Don't fit the above roles, but want to join too? Shoot me an email and we can discuss.

Reduced price from $25 down to $15 to register ... no refunds … period!


  • Starts Friday Sept 3rd... but you can join ANY TIME after too. Just means you have less time to burn off the flab.
  • Ends Nov 23rd (just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving)
  • Winners get a split of the total registration pot less paypal transaction fees (~2.5%) ... breakdown of 75%, 20%, 5% ... if any vendors kick in prizes too then those well be in the mix to choose from as well.

Weigh Ins

  • Weigh ins should occur each Friday at the same time of day. It's OK if you have to weigh in a day or so late periodically.  Sometimes travel or life just interferes.  No problem.  Just make sure you get your weight recorded each week.  You can only miss a weigh in or 2 before you'll start getting nasty emails from me!
    • Missing 2 weeks in a row IS BAD!! and will most likely get you booted from the contest (no refund). It's not fair to others who are keeping their stats updated, especially once the contest is getting down the wire.
  • Participants will record their weekly weight each Friday in our online Zoho Spreadsheet (you'll get an email after you register).
  • The same scale must be used for each weigh in.
  • The same clothes or lack thereof must be worn at each weigh in.
  • Weigh ins will be recorded in whole pounds. If your scale reports partial pounds just drop the fraction...no rounding up or down
  • In the final 2 weeks there will be a cap on how much weight you can drop in a given week period ... to keep away from crazy dehydration techniques ;-)


It's not very fancy, but whoever has the largest weight loss % wins. (max weight - min weight) / max weight

Honor System

The contest assumes that all participants will follow the teachings of the Bible ... you know ... don't lie, don't cheat! If you are dishonest God will deal with you justly.

If you're in ... hit the paypal button below. If you prefer to send $ another way just shoot me an email (gccjason at gmail) and we'll discuss.

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Casey Riley said

at 3:08 pm on Feb 22, 2011

We should start this one up again for sure I can't believe I missed out on this last one.

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