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Past CITRT Events

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<< Some of our PAST Church IT Roundtable EVENTS >>


Fall 2011 Regional Roundtables http://citrt.pbworks.com/w/page/45600228/FALL%202011%20Regional%20Sites 


Spring 2011 National Church IT Roundtable was in Florida in Feb 2011!
Dates: Feb 24-25, 2011. There were also several Wednesday pre-event activities.  Huge thanks to Chris Kehayias for being our site host.  
Cost: $75 included lunches and dinner Weds and Thursday evenings.  REGISTRATION and further details
Location: Calvary Chapel Melbourne 

Calvary Chapel of Melbourne
2955 Minton Road
West Melbourne, Florida 32904



Fall 2010 National Church IT Roundtables - Like last year, instead of one location where everyone will meet we're going to have multiple locations across the country to keep travel costs low as possible.  Target dates=Oct 25th or 26th.  Cost=$35.  Follow announcements athttp://twitter.com/citrt and http://facebook.com/citrt

Confirmed Host Sites
- Albuquerque, NM - Calvary of Albuquerque - October 26 - @oneseventeen details: here - register here

- Chicago, IL - Willow Creek Community Church - October 26 - @jasonmlee running point - register here

- Cary, NC - Colonial Baptist Church - October 26 - @bradbogart running point - register here
- Cooper City, FL - Flamingo Road Baptist Church - @djberg and @sgoodger running point - register here

- Dallas, TX - Watermark Community Church - October 26 @watermarkgeek running point - register here

- Kansas City, MO - Church of the Resurrection - October 26 - @clifguy running point - register  here

- Nashville, TN - Fellowship Bible Church - October 21 - @jmacbrown running point - register here
- Vienna, VA - McLean Bible Church - October 25 - @amitry running point - register here
- Whittier, CA - Whittier Area Community Church - October 25 @rsmith92807 running point - register here


** There are still some big holes in the map that could be filled. Interested in being a host site? View this FAQ then email info@citrt.org about becoming a potential host site. We'd prefer to see no one have to travel over 6hrs to their nearest host site.


ACS Technologies Conference Church IT Roundtable - May 10, 2011 - Cincinnati, OH

A group of folks led by ACS IT Director Dean Lisenby had a Church IT Roundtable in Cincinnati, OH at the annual ACS Technologies conference. Many new introductions and a few familiar faces. There is an interactive panorama of the group you can check out! (Photosynth was taken by David Szpunar and it thus excludes him.)


Church Community Builder Church IT Roundtable

Church Community Builder hosted a roundtable in Colorado Springs, Friday, September 10, 2010. This event was open to anyone involved in Church IT, whether a CCB client or not.


Shelby ISC Church IT Roundtable - June 16, Atlanta GA

About 20 people took time out from the Shelby ISC to participate in the first Shelby-hosted CITRT. Some for a few minutes, some for hours, a few nearly all day. A few fresh introductions to CITRT.


ACS Church IT Roundtable - May 25th Louisville, KY. Thanks to Dean Lisenby and the rest of ACS for hosting this CITRT event for about 50 Church IT people, many who were not ACS customers.


Spring 2010 National Church IT Roundtable - at Saddleback Church (1 Saddleback Pkwy Lake Forest, CA 92630) March 11th & 12th.  A pre-roundtable day will be optional for those arriving on March 10th.  ONLY $75 for event registration AND meals!!  DETAILS and SIGNUP HERE   Need a Ride/Hotel or Share a Ride/Hotel Signup Here   Schedule


Fall 2009 National Church IT Roundtable - This year instead of one location where everyone will meet we're going to have multiple locations across the country. Follow announcements at http://twitter.com/citrt and http://facebook.com/citrt



- Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS on 10/27 

- McLean Bible Church in Vienna, VA on 10/26

- North Point Community Church in Atlanta on 10/27

- Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA on 10/27

- Second Baptist Church in Houston, TX on 11/2

- The Chapel in Grayslake, IL (Chicago) on 10/27 

- Woodland Baptist Church in Bradenton, FL on 10/27, 


Texas Church IT Roundtable Feb 23rd, 2009

MinistryTECH/Spring 2009 National Church IT RoundTable April 23/24, 2009

Church IT Roundtable at Granger Community Church June 26, 2009

Church Techies Biggest Loser Competition - Join us to lose some flab! Details





Event Date Church City Host(s)
National CITRT (1st one!)
Sept 20 2006 Granger Community Church
Granger, IN Jason Powell
National CITRT April 17-19, 2007 Sugar Creek Baptist Church Houston, TX Tony Dye and Chris McGuffin
National CITRT October 2-4, 2007 Church of the Resurrection Kansas City Clif Guy
MinistryTECH/National CITRT April 2-5, 2008

Henderson Hills Baptist Church

Oklahoma City Terrell Sanders and Jeff Wilson
National CITRT October 8-10, 2008 Seacoast Church Charleston, SC Trace Pupke and Glenn Wood
MinistryTECH/National CITRT April 23-24, 2009 Woodmen Valley Chapel Colorado Springs Terrell Sanders and Don Comer
Regional CITRTs October 27, 2009 7 sites 7 sites 7 sites
National CITRT March 10-12, 2010 Saddleback Church Orange County/Lake Forest, CA Doug Hart
National CITRT Feb 2011 Calvary Chapel Melbourne
Melbourne, FL Chris Kehayias
National CITRT April 2012 Watermark Church Dallas, TX Scott Miller
National CITRT Spring 2013 Christ's Church of the Valley Peoria, AZ Jon Edmiston
National CITRT Fall 2013 Church of the Resurrection Leawood, KS Clif Guy
National CITRT Fall 2014 Northwoods Community Church Peoria, IL Jason Lee
National CITRT Fall 2015 Harvest Irvine, CA Arron Brown
National CITRT Fall 2016 Newspring Church Anderson, South Carolina Jonathan Evans
National CITRT  Fall 2017  Watermark Church  Dallas, TX  Scott Miller 
National CITRT  Fall 2018  McLean Bible Church  Vienna, VA  Matt Pugh 
National CITRT Fall 2019 Church of the Resurrection Leawood, KS Clif Guy
National skipped due to covid Fall 2020     
National Fall 2021 12stone Church Atlanta, GA Chris Huff
National  Summer 2022 Granger Community Church Granger, IN Jason Powell


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