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Spring 2010 National Church IT Roundtable

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Spring 2010 National Church IT Roundtable



You will NOT want to miss this amazing opportunity to learn from your IT peers from across the country!


Thanks to our Premier Sponsors:


Arena is a true ChMS product. It focuses on communication, coordination, connection, and creativity. Because the Arena philosophy is people oriented, it begins with the end in mind. Don’t let people slip through the cracks. Open the front door wider and close the back door tight. Arena puts the power at your fingertips.


316 Networks To succeed, you must deliver messages that get noticed and move people to action. Whether reaching and engaging your target audience means capturing and streaming live events or making video, audio and rich media presentations available over the Internet, on demand, or on the iPhone, 316 Networks’ Media Suite online video platform can help you make it happen.


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  VR6 Systems specializes in Dell EqualLogic storage sales and implementation with a focus on Churches and non-profits.  We've been partnering with churches for over 3 years to help solve their storage needs.  Contact Jason Powell (yup, the guy from Granger) for a live demo and more info.  Before you talk to Dell, talk to Powell to get special CITRT discounts.  http://vr6systems.com 
  Data Robotics, Inc., develops self-managing, self-healing storage arrays designed to ensure data is always protected, accessible and simple to manage. Built on the award-winning BeyondRAID technology, Drobo storage arrays are the first to provide enterprise-class data safety, unprecedented expandability, and advanced functionality without the complexity and cost normally associated with RAID 
  C&M Support Services & Consulting, Inc. is a mid to large market IT consulting firm based in Elkhart, IN. We do more than 50 percent of our total business with churches nationwide. We specialize in custom built workstations and server hardware. We design, support, & implement solutions from SoincWALL, Microsoft, VMWare, and many more. With our focus on the Church IT Community, we deliver these solutions at prices that are competitive and leverage our desire to server with your need to acquire the latest technology and not break the budget.
All Spring 2010 CITRT Sponsors  




Anyone responsible for Information Technology in a ministry setting ... Business Admins, IT Directors, Network Admins, Helpdesk, staff or volunteers ... regardless of church/organization size. 



To meet other IT staff and volunteers

  • Encouragement - "I am not alone." "Here I am understood."
  • Confidence - "I'm not so crazy after all."
  • Relationship - Develop on-going friendships

To advance the diffusion of innovation in a given topic area

  • Sharing knowledge, lessons learned, and experiences
  • Sorting out the big picture. How does it all fit? Where are we going?
  • Synergy of new ideas, new perspectives, and new dreams

To facilitate collaboration

  • Explore opportunities for teaming up to accomplish common goals
  • "Network" - Learn who knows what and who is doing what


 A roundtable is a peer-learning event where the participants are both teachers and learners. A roundtable is:

  • Small enough to emphasize interactive learning
  • Led by a facilitator and peer
  • Includes participants who have an affinity with each other
  • Does not include a strong agenda beyond sharing knowledge
  • PAST Roundtable discussion topics



 Saddleback Church (Orange County/Los Angeles area)

1 Saddleback Pkwy

Lake Forest, CA 92630

directions PDF



March 10 - optional pre event hang time and dinner Wednesday evening at 6pm.

March 11 - Event Day 1 - 9am til late - Saddleback Campus Tour in the late afternoon followed by dinner then worship time

March 12 - Event Day 2 - 9am til 3pm - We'll prob have some informal dinner this night as well.


How much:

We're doing everything possible to keep CITRT events as low cost as possible.

Registration is ONLY $75 ... AND includes dinner March 10/11, lunch March 11/12 and of course yummy snackage :-)


Vendor Sponsorship Encouraged - To help offset costs we'd love to have your organization help sponsor this event.  We have 2 suggested sponsorship levels of $1000 and $250.  Please visit our sponsorship page for details.


REGISTRATION LINK  - and PLEASE fill out this quick survey before or after registration


Share a ride or a room?

Have extra space in your car or hotel room?  Check out this list and add your info



Lots of hotel options here



There are several airports near Saddbleback Church

John Wayne SNA approx 20mins from Saddleback

LAX approx 60mins

ONT approx 60mins

Long Beach approx 40mins 


For Information Contact:

info@citrt.org and follow http://twitter.com/citrt and http://facebook.com/citrt 


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